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Portable Electronic Clothes Dryer Hanger

Portable Electronic Clothes Dryer Hanger
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This product has a conventional clothing care functions ,such as ; moisture ,mildew ,moth ,sterilization, deodorizatiom ,and rey the lightweight clothing (shirts ,T-shirt,infant wear,underwear and other small clothes) right after washing function ,

This product adopts the P.T .C (Positive Temperature Coefficient) including the advetanges of gently heating technology ,low power ,high thermal efficiency ,safe and reliable ,

The product is easy to operatig and convenient to other clothing care environmentally and drying needs of lightweight small clothes

.It helps to enhance the quality of user's travel and home life

Performance and feature

1. Fashionable appearance and distinglish craftsmanship

2. Simple operation and easy to carry. Nursing clothes by heat wing cold wind and anion functions.

3. P T C heating ,low power ,safe and reliable .The product has the patent design.

4.It is traveling essentially by self-dry and smooth clothing functions.

5. It is home essential with normal clothings for overall nursing ,small scaled clothes urgently dry function.

Working process

1. When the dryer enters the hot air mode,It will work con tinuously for 3 hours and then automatically converted to air cooling mode until further operation requirement

. 2. When the dryer operates into to air cooling mode ,It will continue to work until further operation is required

3. The dryer is in the cold or hot air mode ,negative ion generator will automatically run and produce high concentrations of negative ions and the airflow to emit into the clothing and the surrounding environment. Electric portable clothes dryer Clothes Rack /hanger,foldable clothes dryer

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