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1) The prices of our products are all standardized (inclusive of packing and shipping fee for Hong Kong and China).This is a Factory Direct Discount .

2) We will guarantee the product parts for 12 months.

- Replacement of iteml/ light bulb (within 12 months) is provided free of charge exclude shipment fee for both side

Should there be any original defect of the product discovered on the first 3 days you received the items, please send us pictures as a prove and email to us to arrange for repair. If beyond repair, we will provide replacement to our customer by courier. However if it is caused by human defect will not be covered.

3) The life span of a bulb is around 5,000 – 8,000 hours and can be ordered from our website or facebook page.

4) Our ring light is 5400k day light, same as the 12pm noon sunlight, the color temperature is very accurate. You can just adjust the white balance to day light mode, ISO 200, EV turn + 0.7( if match with the white mirror reflector), EV turn -0.3( if match with the black mirror reflector).

5) The right light is of RA is 90; it can take good pictures with no off color & no reflection.
6) There are 22 watt & 40watt of the ring light, the coverage is large and no shadow & no off color.
7) Easy to fold & unfold, please see the video guides on our facebook page. 
8) Packing method: packed with bubble paper and carton box, the lights, tent & accessories are packed independently.
9) There are one 22watt & 40watt ring lights inside each light. The lighting can be adjusted by using both ring lights or using one of them.
10) You can use your small normal camera & adjust the white balance to day light mode, ISO 200, EV turn + 0.7(if match with the white mirror reflector), EV turn -0.3(if match with the black mirror reflector)
*Depending on camera
11) Free LifeTime facebook support and Email Support (