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We are looking for agent & distributor at all over the world for selling our products .
In order to further our company development, we are now looking for sales agents in all over the world If you are looking for photography equipment supplier , please do not hesitate to contact us.

The benefit of Agents:
1.DiVi Photography Equipment is a Factory Direct Discount.
2.Unique, High Quality-Easy Photography Equipment.
3.Highest Possible Profit Margins, the price of products gives you the biggest benefit, the quality of services gives you the greatest satisfaction.
4.Enjoy Higher Selling commission.
5.Soho office, Enjoy personal freedom. Can do this business as your part time.
6.Excellent personal development opportunities.
7.An Incredible Marketing Opportunity For Your Company.

What can we offer you and your business?

 ◆ We are a one-stop solution for all your product sourcing needs, all our products come directly from the manufactories which are experience and professional with good reputation in the industry.

  ◆ We have an extensive range of desirable products.

 ◆ No Minimum orders. Shop retail products at wholesale price, wholesalers can shop big and get even larger discounts!

 ◆ We have a dedicated and focused Sales Support Team.

Why should you buy from us? Here are some reasons :

 ◆ Great Service and Support

◆ Comprehensive Range of Products

◆ One-stop solution for all your product needs

◆ Competitive Pricing

◆ Knowledgeable Staff

◆ No Minimum order

◆ High Availability of Stock

◆ Fast Shipping and delivery

For Wholesale details and price, please send us an email at