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Order terms and condition


How to order:
To place an order, please register as our member and fill in your personal details including 
name, email, mailing address, home number and mobile phone number, etc. After your products are selected, put them into the Shopping Cart, click Add To Cart and then Checkout. To confirm your order, we will send you a confirmation email with all the purchase details.

*Before placing an order, please check if the receiver's country or region has any legislation or restrictions concerning imported goods. If the product is confiscated by the authority of the receiver's country or region, would not bear any kind of responsibility including refunding.

Tariff, Export Proof and Related issues
If the receiver's country or region charges fees like import tariff, value added tax, customs handling fees, delivery fees etc, the receiver, who is NOT the one who place the order, will have to bear the charge(s). The fees will be collected by the Post Office or Delivery Service Company of the receiver's country or region. In case the delivery of an order is delayed due to trouble or processing at customs, we bear no responsibility for this situation. We do not issue any proof of export documents, such as proof of country of origin, or export visas.

Should there be any original defect of the product discovered on the first 3 days you received the items, please send us pictures as a prove and email to us to arrange for repair. If beyond repair, we will provide replacement to our customer by courier. However if it is caused by human defect will not be covered.

If the products are faulty, we can provide exchange within 14 days of receiving the product. Customer has to send us back the goods for a exchange.

Once we received your order, we will send you an email confirmation. However, if we do not received your payment successfully through bank deposit or transfer, the order will be cancelled and we will not deliver the items. 


Order Terms

  •  No Cancellation of Order Once item is shipped  ( No Refund will be given) 
  •  If customer choose to ship by Sea, no refund will be allowed due to long waiting time (Customers are recommended to choose Air or Express delivery for better tracking)
  •  reserves the rights and final decisions regarding any dispute to the above terms and conditions.



What should I do if I have not received the confirmation email of the purchase?
We should have sent you a confirmation email once your order is being processed. However, if you cannot receive the email, it may be caused by the busy network or there are some network failures. For any queries, contact our customer service by email at and we will look into this matter.

Can I change or cancel the order?
You can do so by sending us an email to providing your order no. 
within 24 hours of purchasePlease note that once the order is being processed, we would not accept any changes or cancellation.