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No Shadow Effect Bottom Light Kit Product Photography

No Shadow Effect Bottom Light Kit Product Photography
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Model: NSBL

Editing process could be a pain in the butt, therefore now we have this kit to help you to eliminate shadow problems and all time-consuming editing. The shooting plate is designed with both bottom and back LED lights to give you a total shadowless effect pictures

This is prefect for small size products such as jewelery, glasses,shoe and other gifts products...

The LED Lights emit a neutral light at a 5500K color temperature for perfectly lit photos of products even when taking if your mobile phone

The Shadowless LED bottom Light kit can be use with a LED Photo Tent for best result


Product Specs

  • Size 38x38cm (Square)Voltage 110-240v
  • Voltage 110-230V (Suitable for use in any country)
  • Adjustable brightless
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