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360 Degree Product Photography Animation Software License Lifetime usage

360 Degree Product Photography Animation Software License Lifetime usage
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360 degree Antiques product shots (Example 1)


How to attract visitors to Your webSite and create more sales?

Looking for a low cost solution and something different from other website store?

Finally, We have a solution that allow your visitors to view your products in 360 degrees.

360 Animations makes your product more interactive., it also works on mobile platforms even iPhone and iPad.

The below video will show you how to use a video file to generate a 360 Animations in less than 5 mins


  • Support any digital camera/Phone format (Import video file from these camera to 360 animation flash,swf,gif or html5 format)
  • Computer controlled (Software can control Canon/Nikon DSLR and webcam, live view from screen with auto capture function)
  • Multi row/sequence input (Create 3D picture from more than one row (top/bottom) with hotspot function)
  • Support HTML 5 Output (can be view from iPad, mac and other Apple devices)
  • Support Picture Mode (import multiple jpg pictures and trnsform into animation flash,swf,html5 or gif format),
  • Support Video Mode (Transform any video file to 360 animation flash,swf,gif or html5 format).
  • Support one Button BackGround Removal (Save hours of time editing in Photoshop)
  • Support multi color BackGround (able change the color background)
  • Support Branding & Logo (Create your own Branding & Logo)
  • Create Unlimited 360 objects (one time payment, no expensive monthly subscription required)
  • Transferable 360 images (you can share/email private 360 photos to cilents, no server upload required)
  • Free Upgradable (You can get free upgrade from our software development team)


User Review:

Jeremi  2017 July

"Thanks for taking the time to care enough to help. I changed the image size and no problem with the software for over 20 360 spins.

I love the product and concept. Absolutely the best value out there for owners selling through eCommerce.  There are companies in the U.S charging 350% more for the same thing although yours is much better and love the magnifier option". Photo Table sets up somewhat easy and LED lights shining underneath reduce a lot of shadows.

Feel free to use the above for a testimonial to attract more buy


Package includes

1) DiVi Design 360 Product Photography Software key (Window PC installation only)

*For best lighting enviroment, we recommend our customers to purchase any of our mini photo studio package at below link

(Customer may purchase additional black color plate if needed)


360 degree jewelry product shots (Example 2)



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