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360 LED Photo lightbox with turntable and 3D software

360 LED Photo lightbox with turntable and 3D software
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Model: 360lightbox


This Photo Light Box is a 2 in 1 package. You will be able to take great pictures either with your camera or phone with correct camera settings. The lights we are using are special 5300K color temperature photography lights. It is the same color as the Sun in 12pm afternoon (Exact white daylight). The picture will be accurate color of your product saving you time on after photo editing. The design of this material is able to bounce back all lights inside, creating the best environment for product photography. You may also adjust the power of lighting depending on your needs.



Able to change to 3200K LED yellow light upon request (usually use in jewelery photography)


With this package, customer will be able to create 360/3D images easily using our specially design turntable and photography software. It will increase your sales, allowing your customer to see the whole 360/3D views of the product.  Anyone can create a 360/3D image in 3 minutes.

Package includes:

  1. 40x35x32cm high quality photo studio light box
  2. 3x high quality 5400K  Light Strip (Top, Left, Right) Able to add more strip upon request
  3. 360 high quality Auto Turntable (withstand 20 kg)
  4. 3D product photography software
  5. 4 Colour backdrops
  6. Black Mirror Reflector for miror effect

Power voltage 110-240v (Suitable in any countries)

*Design of the photobox has been upgraded to better material for easier installation and photography result

Pictures of smart accessories included below




360 Auto turntable holding up to 20kg


               5 different backdrops including black and white as standard color


Below are still images taken with the photobox



Picture take with a Black mirror reflector




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