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Photography turntable remote control stopper

Photography turntable remote control stopper
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Price: USD79.00 USD55.00
Availability: 98
Model: remotestopper

Automatic fits into your socket without installation needed

This Device allows you to switch on and off the electrical current by using a remote control

It can connects to your turntable, and by using a remote control, you can control when you want the turntable to stop

This device works with 220V turntable

*you will need to purchase a number 7 battery to use it for oversea customer as airmail does not allow delivery of battery


  • Strong remote control signal does not interrupt by external environment, resistant to other electronic signals
  • Easy to install
  • Can be use with other electronic device such as lights, turntable, camera, tv, Fan, Aircon...
  • uses easy to purchase number 7 battery

User guide

  1.  Plug your electronic device to this remote control stopper
  2. Plug the remote control stopper to a 220V socket
  3. Open the remote control, insert a number 7 battery and it will be ready to use
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