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Turntable electronic degree timer stopper

Turntable electronic degree timer stopper
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Model: Stopper

Ever wish your turntable can stop at any given interval / degree for you to capture an image of 360 degree?

Below is what you are looking for..

It is a electronic device that helps your turntable to stop at any given interval , capture, and move again, stop, capture and move again...

1) Know the time of a full rotation of your turntable


2) connect the turntable to the stopper device


3a) Set the time you want each interval to stop

(example if you want to capture 36 images, and your turntable is 120seonds per rotation..120/36=3.3 seconds

The time for each interval should be 3.3 seconds)


3b) if you want to calculate using degree,

(example, you wish to take a picture every 15degree..use 360/15=24

if the turntable is 120seconds..use 120/24=5 seconds.

You will need to set the deivce stop the turntable every 5 seconds)


* This device only support our Single direction turntable. Please make sure that your turntable only turns one direction during order


The yellow lable on the left is the interval you want the turntable to stop in  (Hour, minute, second)

The green lable on the right is the amount of time your turntable for a full rotation

Just connect the turntable to the socket here

The device will control your turntable

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